Good beer goes beyond just taste


This awesome article really gets to the point of why we love great craft beer and the people, communities, and passions that go into creating it. It’s so much more than just a fermented beverage we share with friends. If you haven’t explored the history of beer you are missing out. Beer has helped shape our world and lives in many ways, and today we are seeing small breweries breaking away from the commercial profit-based models to go back to brewing unique beers that are regionally focused and artistically crafted. ” If it was all about taste, my enjoyment would end when the glass is empty. But by allowing myself to be aware of a greater picture, the story behind the beer and the people who made it, I will enjoy the beer far longer.” This is one of our favorite parts of this story and captures the essence of what craft beer culture is all about. ¬†Grab a brew, settle in and check out why taste is only a small part of why you love those local craft beers….

If Taste is All You Care About in Beer, You’re Missing the Point

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