Is the craft beer market still on the rise?

It’s past the first half of 2017 and craft beer companies should be happy due to market growth of 5% for craft brews. With new breweries popping up left and right it’s not hard to believe this growth is occurring, but what does it mean for the long haul? Are we about to crash into the glass ceiling of craft beer? As scary as that may sound don’t lose too much sleep over it. Craft beer is growing and even though the pace of growth has slowed some it doesn’t mean we are going to be losing our local breweries anytime soon. As with any market, there is a supply and demand issues as well as competition for market share. As far as demand goes it seems that many people are putting down their Bud Lights and picking up a local craft beer instead. Younger generations are skipping the corporate guys and putting out for the small independent breweries. Home brewing seems to be on the upswing as well, and wine and spirits can’t deny that craft beer is here to stay. A nice look at the numbers explaining the growth rate as well as existing and up-and-coming breweries is laid out in the article below. ┬áSo grab a pint and get to reading it!


By: Ashley Johnson


2017 mid-year U.S. craft beer analysis: 5% growth shows a slowing, maturing market

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